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Works in 3D

I don’t do a lot of sculpture, but I do some. I enjoy sculpture. The sculptures are labors of love, that require an enormous¬† number of work hours. The technique, which I loosely based off a technique used by the Greeks for masks for their tragedies is pretty involved. The masks and sculpture are considered as for sale unless otherwise noted.

Greek Tragedy Mask, Ageisthis, cloth, wire, plaster, oil paint inquire with artist.

I took a course, acting methods, with Dr. Kenneth Krauss. We needed to make a Greek mask for a reading of classic Greek tragedy. This is what I came up with.


Pregnant Virgin Mary, cloth wire, plaster, unpainted, NFS

Another view, pregnant Virgin Mary NFS (unless Sandy ever changes her mind and decides she wants it)

A friend, Sandi Dollinger, asked me to create a prop for her play, “Hap’y Birthday Greta Garbo,” I made a wire armature, and used plaster of paris. She was very happy with what I produced, and honestly I was too. It’s a pretty unique piece of art. It also survived being knocked off a table during several rehearsals.


A small carnival style decorative mask:


Carnival mask, cloth wire and plaster, unpainted. inquire with artist.

I made this for an event I was DJ-ing. Much too heavy to wear during my set (but I did wear it during most of the night). It is based on the Jim Henson created characters the Skeksis, in the movie “The Dark Crystal”

Horror-skeksis, plaster, wire, cloth, oil paint, with the artist.

Horror-skeksis, plaster, wire, cloth, oil paint, with the artist.


Another photo of the mask displayed:


“The Horror Skeksis” wire, cloth, plaster and oil paint, inquire with artist