My Lost Children

Many, many of my works of art were damaged or lost over the years. In this post, when I am able to recover an image of a piece of art I created that was lost or destroyed, I will post it here.

Oil on Canvas, met a bad end.

A lot of my work has been lost or destroyed, or simply left and neglected. This particular work is significant, because it was destroyed so dramatically. I managed to anger a past partner to a degree she attacked it with a kitchen knife while it was still drying on the easel. C’est la vie.

Abstract sculpture

If you look between the candelabra, and the edge of the dresser, there’s a white abstract sculpture made out of pottery that didn’t survive being fired (to the far right, it looks like a skeletal hand). The piece is clay, and some kind of glue. I made it in an independent study art class. It’s a “found object” sculpture. By the time I moved out of my parent’s house, it was broken and battered in so many places I threw it out, rather than take it with me.  The image was taken on a Pentax 35mm SLR that was the camera I used when I took photography in high school


I have not done nearly so many three-dimensional pieces as sketches and paintings. Most were lost or damaged as I moved around as an adult. Still, I have a few notable pieces. Most of these were made over the past few years.

Wire and plaster. Interpretation of an ancient Greek Theatrical Mask

The next couple images are of a prop I made for a friend’s play. It is a pregnant virgin Mary Statuette.

Wire and plaster, Virgin Mary statuette, for the play "Happy Birthday, Gretta Garbo" by Sandi Dollinger

Another view of the same sculpture