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Works in 3D

I don’t do a lot of sculpture, it’s not my forté, but I have done a couple that were noteworthy.

Greek Tragedy Mask

I took a course, acting methods, with Dr. Kenneth Krauss. We needed to make a Greek mask for a reading of classic Greek tragedy. This is what I came up with.

Pregnant Virgin Mary

Another view, pregnant Virgin Mary

A friend, Sandi Dollinger, asked me to create a prop for her play, “Hap’y Birthday Greta Garbo,” I made a wire armature, and used plaster of paris. She was very happy with what I produced, and honestly I was too. It’s a pretty unique piece of art. It also survived being knocked off a table during several rehearsals.

I made this for an even I was DJ-ing. Much to heavy to wear during my set (but I did wear it during most of the night). It is based on the Jim Henson created characters the Skeksis, in the movie “The Dark Crystal”

Horror-skeksis, plaster, wire, cloth, oil paint, with the artist.

Horror-skeksis, plaster, wire, cloth, oil paint, with the artist.


I have not done nearly so many three-dimensional pieces as sketches and paintings. Most were lost or damaged as I moved around as an adult. Still, I have a few notable pieces. Most of these were made over the past few years.

Wire and plaster. Interpretation of an ancient Greek Theatrical Mask

The next couple images are of a prop I made for a friend’s play. It is a pregnant virgin Mary Statuette.

Wire and plaster, Virgin Mary statuette, for the play "Happy Birthday, Gretta Garbo" by Sandi Dollinger

Another view of the same sculpture