Recent Happenings With the Class (cont.)

It’s been an exciting couple weeks since I updated about the class. Students have the option of submitting work for display at the OMH “Art on 8” exhibit. I am exhibiting two pieces of my own with art from all over the state. The art will all come from people (in the community, and in hospitals) who receive services at OMH facilities.

A lot of people who are considering submitting work have never had their work shown before. So, a lot of people in my classes are really excited about it.

The second bit of excitement is that the class has been asked to do a mural project for a new staff member in the Occupational Therapy Department. This past week has mostly been spent trying to generate images for the mural. (These drawings are all my own, as I draw with the students as I am teaching. I am still working on permission to show student work on my site. It’s a NY state facility, and the proper procedure can take time. Currently, I am waiting for agency approval for the release form I created).

Enjoy the images:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

simple design with gem and leaves. Drawn with the class as they are working on mural ideas.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Among the mural ideas, we have talked about nature scenes.


Before I presented the mural project to the class, we had been focused on architectural drawing with oil pastel.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Oil pastel, old, dutch-era house, Albany Co. New York State.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Simple study of a barn and silo. A student request.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Historic Mansion, Troy, NY.

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