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“Her face was a thing of beauty, but her mind was a cataract”

So, I saw this post by Steven Archer: you have twenty-four hours to do something on this vague theme I’m giving you.

I met Steven, a good long time ago. Since I shared a stage with him in some out-of-a-way club, I have followed what he does and, admittedly, admired the guy. He’s out there, and artist and musician doing what I’d like to be doing.

So, I started painting.

After a while in, I got thinking about how I am sending Steven Archer –a dude notorious for being blunt as a fine art form– a sample of my work done over a few hours.

Fuck. I have been an oil painter without even good friends knowing it, And now I am sending something of mine off to be considered by a dude that actually went to art school, and more-over, knows what sells, –and he makes his living as an artist.

I am totally fucked.

But, I did what I do, and I rather am proud of the result. Most of my oil painting is abstract expressionism. I am a fan-boy of Jackson Pollock. With this particular painting, I channeled early Pollock. Pollock did a lot of work that was not entirely leaving off representation, but still abstract. That’s why the elongated neck in this image. That’s why no hair.

I am missing a lot of colors out of my palate, so I used charcoal and acrylic paints. It’s a mixed media piece: