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Occupy Arts

Work done for a gallery showing by artists as a part of Occupy Wall Street

From October 2011, until Occupy Albany was violently evicted from a downtown Albany park, I was a part of the occupation in NYC and Albany. I created several works of art as part of the occupation. These are some that survived the fall weather, and the eviction.

Albany City Hall, at night.

This was painted during the occupation. I set up my easel on the sidewalk and painted Albany’s City Hall.

Canvas, paints and brushes, recovered after a November arrest for civil disobedience.

On November 15th I was arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct for setting up an artist’s easel and painting in Albany’s Lafayette Park. Despite the fact I had purposely set my easel on the opposite side of the park from where state police had come to the park to arrest protesters; police came to the far side of the park and I was arrested before the rest of the line of demonstrators. It was very clear that police did not want the image of an artist painting in the park on the nightly news. The resulting painting was little more that a wash of oil paint, since I had little time to complete the painting. I was finally able to recover the painting, my paints and brushes this past Friday.

If other people would like to contribute works for this page, I will gladly share them here. Please send an image of the work, as well as bio and info.